Russian poison mixed with my blood
Redness surrounds my hallucinations
Questions to which I have no answers
Air that I’m trying to breathe in suffocation
I write under the influence of alcohol
Voices so full, surrounding me in happiness
These voices, I listen, but I do not understand

22 June 2013 ·

Vodka night

Vodka night

22 June 2013 ·

Will you? Will I?

I wonder if you would think of me
when you walk down the aisle 
holding your father’s arms

When your hand is placed onto his
the one you chose over me in life
will you think of me
and how I always held you
every time you were about to fall

When you kiss him for the first time
will you think of our first kiss
in the rain, behind the university building
when we sneaked out of class

We had our lives planned
the number of kids we’d have
their names and their lives
the places we’d travel
Do you plan to make all your
dreams and wishes come true with him?

Is it so easy for you
to remove me from all the scenes
from our past and place him
and make it your colourful future?

I wonder when I will break myself
out of my shell and make things
easy on me
for I loved you more than I possibly could
and it would take years 
to take it back for somebody else

22 June 2013 ·


Promises scattered all around
mostly unsatisfied and broken
into small imperfect fragments

You made them with all your heart
and you sealed each of them with your love
and I soaked them with my blood

You never wanted to break them
but you had to, the choice you made
to close the final curtain on my face

I lie here with your broken promises
and my unbroken love which is now lost
in the cold wilderness of solitude

22 June 2013 ·

"You are simply a ghost in my life that doesn’t haunt me but makes me live my days to the fullest"

~ Silent Rhymes

22 June 2013 ·


I can hear my voice
Cursing me for all the things
I did to make her mine
To keep her close
To give her the love
She never wanted
My voice is deafening me today

It was always there
But I wasn’t listening

22 June 2013 ·

"If loving you kills me tonight, I am ready to die."

~ Silent Rhymes

21 June 2013 ·


I built a home for myself
with a foundation reinforced by my past
and walls of solitude painted with my blood
with a floor of my present existence
but left the roof open
for my future to grow and build itself
to shelter me

21 June 2013 ·

Its meant to be


Could things have been the way I want
Or is this the way its meant to be?
Its carved in my heart with big black font
Letting her know might set me free

I know I never tried when the time was right
And its too late in life for so many things
Always been a victim of stage fright
But finally I decided to tell her everything

Feeling bad about not knowing her before
But now I might have her attention
Each day, not knowing what’s in store
Kind of puts me in a weird state of tension

Miles apart, far away, she sits there in her room
Reading these rhymes, psycho is what she thinks of me
For some reason it makes me happy and I bloom
I wish all the good things in life was for free

Always wanted her in my life
Atleast as a very good friend
Eventually, she will be somebody else’s wife
And soon I will learn to blend

21 June 2013 ·

Fire with Fire - Ross Kauffman - GE FOCUS FORWARD (by GE)

Fighting Cancer

21 June 2013 ·

"I could see the world with closed eyes when you were next to me"

~ Silent Rhymes

21 June 2013 ·

lzlabs said: “Congratulations! Your poem “[Rhymes from the Past]” has been featured on Rhyme Crime, Tumblr’s home for exceptional rhyming poetry! We look forward to reading more of your work in the future.”

Wow! I never knew something like this existed! Thanks a lot for the feature. It couldn’t have come at a better time! :)

20 June 2013 ·

Rhymes from the past

I laid myself down as a stage for you
To dance off your love in your favourite shoes

I had my heart and more to offer
You had the choice to drink my love instead of water

But that’s not all you needed to survive
You always wanted more in this life

I could never ask you to love me back
When I met you, I was a bloody hack

Now I have become the man you wanted me to be
The moment in time you asked me to set you free

I continued to love you after you stopped holding my hands
I missed your footsteps, next to mine, in the sands

Now that you have set your mind on another man
I am forced to leave, painfully, to take my own stand

I will miss you and love you till the end of times
Loving you, unconditionally, was never my crime

20 June 2013 ·

"The heart-breaking moment when your ex-girlfriend, whom you still love unconditionally, messages in whatsapp to inform you that she is getting married in 20 days"

~ Mind-fucked ex-boyfriend

20 June 2013 ·

"You can never be forgiven if you have never sinned"

~ Silent Rhymes

20 June 2013 ·

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